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Humanist wedding celebrant for fun, personal and inclusive ceremonies which start your wedding day with a bang.

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LOCATIONS: Derby UK, National, International

Woman Owned | LGBTQ+ Owned


I’m Louise Gather, a Humanist wedding celebrant ready to make your ceremony a Kickass Gathering! 

With me, your ceremony can happen anywhere, anytime—no rules, just pure joy. From castles to woodlands, tipis to stately homes, or back gardens to French chateaux, I've been conducting ceremonies for excellent humans since 2021. I’ve worked with all kinds of couples: the only requirement is being up for making your ceremony a high-energy mix of love and laughs. It helps if you’re cool, too… but you wouldn’t be using the Alt Wedding Directory if you weren’t.


Most people know me on social media as ‘the mushroom-obsessed one with the trouser suits and orange hair', but there’s a lot more to me than that! I pride myself on writing creativity and telling your story in a way which completely captivates the two of you and your guests. Each couple gets my absolute all, and I offer as much or little help, support and inspiration as you need along the way. I adore surprises and unexpected ceremony elements (hidden rings, flashmob, or tequila shots, anyone?!) and I encourage everyone to write their own secret vows to read directly to each other. But don’t worry - as a former English teacher, I’ve created some fabulous resources to help you write something wonderful, and I am on hand to give you ideas and feedback throughout. I don’t make assumptions about your love, or about which wedding traditions you will want to include, and I use gender-neutral and non-patriarchal language as standard. 

Your ceremony is what the rest of the wedding is all about, but without a celebrant it can often be the most forgettable part of the day. You deserve better. I guarantee I’ll leave every guest saying it was the best ceremony they’ve ever seen.


I am based in tropical Derbyshire,  but I'll go anywhere and everywhere in the name of love. 

What is a defining moment for you within your business?

In a moment of madness last year I decided to enter the Wedding Industry Awards. I don't know what came over me. It was about 3 weeks before the deadline closed and I didn't have long to ask all my couples from October 2022-October 2023 to cast their votes and leave feedback about me. I won East Midlands region and went to the finals in London, where I only went and won the whole bloody thing?! So, I am proudly TWIA's National Wedding Celebrant of The Year 2024 and reading the comments given by my amazing couples was just so fab.

What do you do within your business to make it more accessible and inclusive?

I use gender-neutral and inclusive language with couples throughout the whole process, and with guests on the day. I don't make assumptions about any of your ceremony decisions, such as whether anyone will be walking down the aisle or if you'll be exchanging rings. I ask about any adjustments or accommodations I may need to make for you or your guests in terms of accessibility, and generally just make sure that everyone feels safe and can have a bloody good time.

What is your favourite random fun fact?

Some varieties of wild mushroom turn bright blue when you cut them open. And some of these are edible!

WomanOwned, LGBTQ+Owned, Derby, AllOfUK




Drop us an email or DM on instagram with what you are looking for and we'll try and help!

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