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Want a ceremony that’s laid back and relaxed, memorable and a bit weird, sweary and sweet, totally unique and unapologetically you? Then you’re in the right place babes, hold my beer…

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LOCATIONS: London, All of UK, International

LGBTQ+ Owned | Woman Owned


Hey, I’m Hannah, and I’m the celebrant you need if you’re looking for the ultimate combo of feeling like you’re doing the adult thing and ticking the “wedding” box, but absolutely do not subscribe to the archaic trad vibes.


Laidback, relaxed and memorable weddings, full of humour and heart are my bag. 


I decided to become a celebrant when I realised that if I were to ever get married I’d want someone like me, someone I could relate to, doing it. Someone who never outgrew their emo phase, spent their teens drinking cider in the park, grew up getting sweaty in mosh pits, loves nothing more than a crisp IPA on a weekend in a sunny industrial estate outside a local taproom, hates TERFs and Tories in equal measure, and whose stretched lobes never did quite fully shrink down…


I have spent the last decade working backstage in the West End, and I bring this expertise in managing live events into everything I do as a celebrant, with the aim of making the whole process as stress-free as possible for you from start to finish. The aim of the game is for you to know you are in such safe hands that you can almost forget about the ceremony until you are standing there on the day, with teary eyes and beaming smiles. 


Let’s create the most perfect, uniquely-you celebration, and make it a day you’ll never forget!

Q: What do you do within your business to make it more accessible and inclusive?

A: Inclusivity is of the highest importance in everything I do - I never use gendered language, whether that's on my website and socials, questionnaires, or ceremonies. I try to avoid, if at all possible, the term "bride & groom", and treat all of my couples the same regardless of gender presentation. I give all of my couples the time they need to fill in questionnaires, come back with edits to scripts, and provide as much support as needed with writing vows, promises and commitments. I will never charge more for people that need more assistance as it's my job to work alongside you, not against you. Outside of the wedding world I also teach workshops in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion to young people in the hopes of making the world even the tiniest bit better, and have been surrounded by disabled and visually impaired people my whole live having grown up with a sibling with additional needs.

Q: Best live concert you've ever attended? 

A: Impossible to pick just one, so special mention to Slipknot (my fist ever alt gig at 13 years old!), The Offspring (the band that first got me into alt music, and who I saw for the first time last year at age 35 lol), and the numerous times I've seen Alexisonfire (an absolute staple for the last 20 years!)

Q: If you could eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Pizza, hands down. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Food of the gods 🙌🏻

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Drop us an email or DM on instagram with what you are looking for and we'll try and help!

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