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Authentic and emotive documentary wedding photography for lovely people





LOCATIONS: Yorkshire + UK

Woman Owned | LGBTQ+ Owned

I am a passionate, creative Wedding Photographer, based in South Yorkshire, travelling throughout the UK. 


As a documentary photographer, I focus on capturing natural, timeless moments in a creative way, to spark emotion and tell the story of your day for generations to come.


There is outstanding beauty in simple and honest images, that can perfectly capture the unique and important characters at your celebration. Loving moments with grandparents, proud glances from parents, supportive gestures from your best friends, everyone simultaneously thrilled for you and your happinesses. I am keenly aware of these little but special moments, and how they will become invaluable in years to come.


I love what I do. It is a great privilege to be trusted to capture life's great milestones; So no matter how you are choosing to celebrate your wedding day, I strive to give you images that are uniquely yours.

What do you do within your business to make it more accessible and inclusive?

 I think we are all over “bride and groom” a simple start is using the word “couple”. When my wife and I were planning our wedding I was astounded at the amount of suppliers that just didn’t get it, they used language that made us feel invalidated. I can vividly remember crossing the word “groom” out of a wedding fayre form. 

While the world has moved on, there is still work to be done. Advocating for others is important, making space for everyone to grow and love no matter who they are. We are all lovely humans and giving everyone the respect and empathy they deserve is something I value deeply.


Best Live concert

 Hard to say…

Probably Kids in Glasshouse, ten years or so ago, I remember I only just met my wife and we were in that brand new happy moment, singing and dancing together.

Or… Echosmith, I’m going to be honest, we went on a whim, and I was rather drunk for most of it, but I remember dancing and being deliriously happy.

Or…. Goo Goo Dolls… purely because I love to sing along, and they played banger after banger.


Random fun fact…

I spend more time than I care to admit thinking about the zombie apocalypse. 

I call all my plants ‘old lady’ names, in my mind I can’t kill them, because they have lovely little personalities. Don’t tell them but I completely have a favourite.

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