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Snapping Love, Shattering Norms: LGBTQ+ & Feminist Photography and Videography - Celebrating All Love Stories!




She/Her + They/She

LOCATIONS: Bristol, UK, International

Woman Owned | LGBTQ+ Owned

Meet Rebel Love Club – where love knows no bounds, and tradition gets a joyful kick in the pants! We're not your average wedding photography and videography crew – we're rebels with a cause, capturing love stories that break the mould and defy expectations.

Founded by Steff and Ells, a dynamic duo of LGBTQ+ lovers and fierce feminists, Rebel Love Club is all about celebrating love in its many splendid forms. Whether you're planning a whimsical woodland wedding, a vibrant city bash, or an intimate elopement on a mountaintop, we're here to capture every magical moment with style, flair, and a hefty dose of sass.

We're not just photographers and videographers – we're storytellers, capturing your love story in every frame and reel. From the shy glances to the belly laughs, the stolen kisses to the tearful vows, we're there to document it all with authenticity, passion, and a whole lot of love.

But Rebel Love Club is more than just a photography and videography business – it's a community, a safe space, and a celebration of love, diversity, and inclusion. We're proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, and we actively champion diversity, equality, and empowerment in everything we do.

So, if you're ready to ditch the traditional wedding playbook and embrace a celebration that's as unique and fabulous as you are, then you've come to the right place. Let's break the rules, make some magic, and create a love story that's truly unforgettable. Welcome to the Rebel Love Club – where love reigns supreme, and rebels always have more fun!Technically we live in our Van, but are mostly based in Bristol, but will cover UK, Ireland and International

What makes you an alternative wedding supplier? 

We mostly work with LGBTQ+ lovers getting married, we actively promote rule breaking and giving tradition the middle finger. We here for all that sits "outside of the norm" and egg it on! As an alternative wedding supplier, we differentiate ourselves by embracing non-traditional approaches to weddings and celebrating love in all its glorious forms. Our marketing efforts are geared towards alternative lovers who are looking to break free from conventional wedding norms and create a celebration that truly reflects their story. While we primarily work with LGBTQ+ lovers getting married, we also welcome lovers from all walks of life who resonate with our ethos of rule-breaking and tradition-defying. We actively promote individuality, creativity, and authenticity, encouraging people to express themselves freely and boldly on their wedding day as we strive to create a space where all lovers feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

What do you do within your business to make it more accessible and inclusive?

Being Queer and gender diverse ourselves we fully understand the need for and use inclusive language across our socials, website, contact forms and questionnaires. We never assume someones identity and always lead with our pronouns to show that we are a safe space for others to share theirs if they wish to. We understand that being inclusive is intersectional and know that that means being inclusive of everyone. On our contact forms we ask how the person filling it out wishes to communicate as we understand everyone has different needs. We also offer a space on our questionnaires to let us know about any accessibility needs our to-be-weds want us to know about for their day. When we aren't out capturing a wedding we spend our time educating others on how to run a more inclusive business and pride ourselves on calling people into the conversation.

If you could eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Steff - Pizza or anything Thai

Ells - Pasta or anything Italian

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