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Alternative wedding photography for the wild ones and rebels in love!





LOCATIONS: Midlands + UK

Woman Owned | LGBTQ+ Owned

Hey, I’m Gem! A tattooed metalhead and a fierce advocate for celebrating love in ALL its forms. I'm here to capture the raw, unfiltered beauty of life's most incredible, authentic moments; even if they come wrapped in mayhem and carnage!I’ve been told I’m a one-woman hype squad with a relaxed and fun style which means means no awkward poses – just authentic, heartfelt moments. You’ve spent so long planning your best day ever, the last thing you want to do is stand around having your photo taken instead of partying with your chosen people! It’s important to get those ‘hero shots’ but I promise to get that done in the quickest and most fun way possible so you can get back to your celebrations.

My edit could be described as alternative and edgy - it’s all about bold colours and deep contrast, giving images punch and purpose and truly reflecting the riotous fun of your day! I always keep my eyes peeled to capture the moments that my couples may miss on the day. Weddings are so packed full of fun, love and things to do, that they fly by in an absolute whirlwind. I love to capture the little moments that mean the most; a smile between family, a first kiss as newlyweds, a whispered secret between siblings and mostly, just plain silliness! What can I say, I just love ‘LOVE’!

As an LGBTQ – friendly photographer, I’m passionate about creating a safe, inclusive space for everyone.

Embracing wild spirits and rebel hearts as we ditch tradition to celebrate your love story. It’s all about the authentic moments that reflect your unique connection, shot with with a fun and relaxed vibe. From unconventional settings to dance floor shenanigans, I’m here to capture the memories of your day that are as unique as your bond. Honesty and connection are what I’m looking for; ensuring that every photo tells a story that resonates with you and your nearest and dearest.

I’m Midlands-based, but always up for an adventure in the name of love - after all, love knows no boundaries! I’m happy to travel over the UK and beyond! If you think we’d make an awesome team, get in touch! I can’t wait to meet you!

What makes you an alternative wedding supplier? 

My entire marketing is aimed at alt couples. I’ve been alt since forever 🖤

What is a defining moment for you within your business?

Finally quitting teaching in 2022 after 12 years to pursue my career in photography. Best decision I ever made!

Best live concert you've ever attended? 

That is such a hard one!! Cradle of Filth were amazing and have always been my comfort band 🥰

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